In 1991, Kevin bought his first gundog   – a black Labrador dog called Glen which he trained and used for picking up at a local shoot in Mid Wales. The affix Cowarnecourt arose from when Kevin lived at Stoke Lacy and used to train the dogs on ground that was formerly part of the Cowarne Court Estate. Kevin has been training gundogs since 1991 and has been trialling for twelve years. The trialling bug first bit when he bought a puppy from the late Peter Combes (Badgercourt) who introduced him to field trials. Since then Kevin has enjoyed numerous successes, qualifying for the English Springer Spaniel Championship on a number of occasions and being selected to be part of the team representing Wales at the CLA Game Fair two years in succession.

Cowarmecourt Gundogs was formed in 2010.  We specialise in the breeding and training of English Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels and Labradors.

Training a dog can be quite a challenging journey and our aim is to guide and support you in this venture. Here at Shropshire Gundogs we offer one to one training sessions, advice on training and techniques to ensure both you and your dog enjoy the journey to having a well behaved dog which you can be proud of.

Cowarnecourt Gundogs was formed in 2010.  We specialise in the breeding and training of English Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels and Labradors.


We are committed to breeding dogs which meet the requirements of the modern gundog.  This we believe should include temperament, physical and mental soundness.  We have been fortunate to breed field trial champions, field trial winners and dogs suitable for the shooting field.  Indeed a high number of our puppies are sold to shooting people who want a well-mannered dog around the house and shooting field.  Careful consideration is always undertaken when planning a litter to ensure the puppies we breed have the temperament to fulfil the requirement of a shooting dog.


We have three stud dogs, Labrador, English Springer Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel.  All have superb pedigrees but more importantly have been selected to ensure temperament is sound which hopefully will be passed on to their progeny.  All the stud dogs have been either bred by us or bought in at 8 weeks old and then trained before being used in the shooting field.  This ensures that we can advise people of the dog’s temperament and trainability.


Although the law now requires any breeder of puppies to be a registered breeder with the local authority we decided a few years ago before the legislation come into force that we wanted to become a licenced breeder with the benefits it gives to prospective owners.


The majority of our own bred dogs are health tested to meet the requirements of the Kennel Club Health Schemes.  We feel it is important that we do our bit to ensure the health of future generations.

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